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4 Critical Documents Needed to Finance A Manufactured Home


Purchasing or refinancing a Manufacture Home can be difficult and extremely confusing.  First and foremost, they are hard to find and very time consuming.

Here are four items that are highly suggested to have or have access to before you start the loan process.

1.  HUD Certification Label (HUD Tag) which is attached to the exterior of each section of the home.  Here is an example:


2.  HUD Data Plate/Compliance Certificate which is located in a kitchen cabinet. Here is an example:

3.  Affidavit of Affixture:  This is a document used to change the assessment (tax) of a Manufactured Home from personal property to real property and it is recorded with the County where the Home is located.  This is a legal process, not a physical one.

4.  Engineer’s Certificate: is a letter issued by a structural engineer certifying the acceptability of a foundation system, generally to meet the HUD Publication, Permanent Foundation Guide For Manufactured Homes dated 1996. Most lenders require that this is wet-stamped, indicating his license number and the date he places the stamp.

Having these 4 items will make your search for  a mortgage much easier.

If you have questions, please call and I can assist you in locating these items.



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